President's Notes


Whether you are a new ministry assistant or have been working in a church or ministry office for many years, whether you are the only ministry assistant in your office or one of many, whether you work full-time or part-time...there is a place for you in our organization. 

TBMA is more than a state-wide conference every two years. We are an organization designed to support you as a ministry  assistant, to offer networking opportunities, to make new friends, to learn new techniques...not just every two years, but every day, throughout the week, throughout the month, year after year. 

If you are already a member of TBMA, I say "HELLO!" We are happy you are part of us. We hope you will encourage your fellow ministry assistants in your community to become a part of us! 

If you are not already a member of TBMA, I say "Please join us!" There is an application on this site, and I encourage you to fill it out and join our organization. You'll be glad you did!

To all of you, I say "May God bless you in the ministry He has placed you in." It is an honor and privilege to serve you and this great organization as President. If I can be of any help in any way, please let me know...If I can pray a specific prayer for you, please let me know...If I can be a listening ear or an encouragement in any way, please let me know. God and I are here for you! 

Blessed beyond measure, 

Diane Peacock, TBMA President 2018-2020